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Dirt Poor Gamer

Not sure if I want to revive this blog you are reading right now. But I don't want to say it's dead.

That said, visit my new hobby blog - Dirt Poor Gamer.

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Earn Money while Playing - Join Anno1777

Do you want to Earn while playing? This is your chance. Earn Euro while playing ANNO1777.

The games simulates real economy. You can create businesses to earn more. You can participate in war, trade with other players and buy and own your own land. 

Do you want to know more about the game? Join us by registering through this link:

Monday, December 19, 2011

ANNO TIPS: Earn More Money by Increasing Your Wellness

In my first post on ANNO1777 tips, I mentioned that wellness or strength is very important. Be it in war, fighting other players, working, or getting other bonuses. So basically, your earnings will really depend on how high your wellness is.  So our next ANNO tips will delve more deeply on increasing your wellness so that you could earn more money.

Consume Food and Wine

If you have enough savings, then don't hesitate to buy wine or food. Wine can only be taken once every 24 hours while food can be taken 4 times in 24 hours. Wines can give you 1-25 wellness depending on the age. Food can give you 1-5 wellness. The effect of wine is immediate so once you drink it, your wellness will immediately increase.

Tip #1: Buy 4 food 18 hours before your actual work hour so that you can get the most benefits from the increase in wellness.

Tip #2: Consume wine before getting your bonuses and starting your work. This is to get the maximum wellness that wine provides and thus getting the maximum bonus or wage that your wellness can provide.

Read Magazines

Many players do not see the benefits of reading magazine. However, it is actually one of the cheapest ways of increasing your wellness. The maximum wellness that you can get in a day from reading a magazine is 10. Some magazines cost gold while others cost currencies. When its in gold it usually only cost .01 so if the currency exchange 1:25, that .04 in national currency and .01g to 25 is .0004

Tip #1: Buy magazines that cost .01g because they are way way cheaper than when you are paying in national currency.

Tip #2: Its better that you also read before getting your bonuses or working to raise your wellness and maximize your incomes and bonuses.

Live in a House

A house can give you 5-25 wellness in a day depending on its quality. Q1-q5 houses can give you wellness in denominations of 5. It is the only thing in Anno1777 that has no expiry date. So when you have a house you get wellness everyday according to the quality of your house.

Tip #1: If you can rent a q5 house right away then do so. The rental can be off-set by the bonuses and salary.

Tip #2: Live in a house 20 hours or more hours before your intended work hour in order to maximize the wellness it offers everyday.

Tip #3: If you can afford to rent for 1 day only, make sure that you rent a house a day before your 5-day super worker bonus (given every 6th day of work) because you can get the amount at a higher rate or according to your wellness.

Tip #4: If you can already afford it, invest on a house since it can give you wellness everyday and it has no expiry date.

Wear Clothes

There are 10 kinds of clothes in Anno1777. A full set of clothes can give you 50% wellness everyday. So one piece of clothing can give you 5 wellness everyday. If you have a full set everyday, your wellness will not go below 50. Clothes will last depending on its quality. So Q5 clothes can last for 30 days.

Tip #1: If you can, it is better to buy a full set of q5 clothes. It can help you with getting higher bonuses and wage.

Tip #2: If you can't afford to buy a full set of clothing, then buy 1 by 1. Don't spend gold on it because it would cost you more than when it is sold in regular currencies.

Remember increase in wellness can translate into increase in income. Just don't overdo the spending so that you can save a lot in no time :D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Earn Money by Playing ANNO1777: Brief Overview and Beginner's Tips

Many are looking for ways to earn at ANNO1777. It is a browser-based game where you can enjoy playing and earning at the same time. Here, you can have an overview of the game and some basic tips. I will eventually give a more detailed information about the game and extensive tips and strategies soon.

By the way, you can only join ANNO1777 through a referral link. So if you are interested, you can click HERE.

For now, explore this site, learn what you can, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

What is ANNO1777

ANNO1777 is a text and browser-based web game simulating the economic system of the real-world. There is also a simulation of the political and military systems of different governments. However, the economic system, I believe, is much more highlighted than the latters. And you cannot join the game unless you have a referrer. If you arrived at the ANNO1777 site using a link, then definitely, that player is your referrer.

ANNO1777 is actually a very complex game although the tutorials and faqs are easy to understand. What makes the game interesting besides the monetization part is the strategy that you have to employ. Although many people do not see it, ANNO1777 can really be a good source of income. If you're an economist and business person, you know you can go a long way and earn lots of money by investing into the in-game business and buying lots of shares.

For some who do not want to make an investment and build their own companies, there are other ways by which you can earn. You can fight slaves, you can sell slaves for gold, you can go to war and fight, you can buy and sell properties, you can work, or you can make long-term investments in banks.

Different Aspects of ANNO1777

There are several aspects of the game that will help you earn and fare well as long as you can maximize them. These are Economy, Banking & Finance, The Press, War & Slaves, Politics & Elections, Private Territories, Services, Advertising, Partnership Programs, and Social Interaction.

Economy. This is likened to the real economy. If you understand the laws of supply and demand, then you will understand how the market in ANNO1777 works. The market is totally free. The rise and fall of shares depend heavily on the buying and selling of gold and virtual euro. Companies operate by hiring people and paying them. Products made by the companies are sold to be consumed by people. And the cycle goes on and on.

Banking and Finance. A strong financial system is necessary to have a strong economy. In ANNO1777, these institution are run by the players themselves. Once a player sets up a bank, he owns 90% of the share. The other 10% may be sold to the free market. Banks are necessary because they can provide loans and attract deposits and investments.

The Press. Anyone can always speak their mind and publish articles in ANNO1777 as long as it will not violate any applicable law. Publishing newspapers, and articles and subscriptions can also be a source of income.

War and Slaves. There are two kinds of war in ANNO1777. Attack made by a player against another player or attack by one region against another. Either way, players who participate in wars will earn bonuses by means of gold, money, or ranks.

Politics and Elections. Like the real world, politics in ANNO1777 can make or break your country's economy. Your politicians can be good or they can also play dirty. They have powers that ordiinary players do not have like set the amount of taxes and bonuses and set the amount of their own wages. Only 20 players per region or country may become politicians. The one who gets the highest vote becomes the president and the rest becomes the governors.

Private Territories. The ownership is under the hand of one man. He can set everything from taxes to ungodly rules. He can expel anyone. He can prevent free press. If you want to own your own land then you can buy private properties. You can also decide to trade your private territory to the free market if you don't want to govern anymore.

Services. There are only five kinds of services within the game namely: Organizations, Trading Companies, Lotteries, Bookmakers and Advertising Agencies. Of course, these will help government, players and business owners alike to earn.

Advertising. Advertising is necessary in order for your products and services to be known. Of course you have to reach a large market in order for people to know and consume your products and employ your services. There are ad pages within the game and spots that you can buy for advertising.

Partnership Programs. All players in ANNO1777 has his or her own personal link so anyone can bring in new players who will become their permanent slaves. They can bring you some money if they are active by paying taxes. ANNO1777 also allows the players to buy a piece of ANNO through shares. The game has special funds coming from known as fund of the game. There are 10,000 shares of which 1000 shares are on sale. Profit on ANNO1777 shares is guaranteed.

Social Interaction. Like any other online simulation game, ANNO is a social game. You can interact with players and make friends. You can also make comments on the laws passed by the government, write articles, send messages to other players, and participate in the forum.

How Can You Move Forward in ANNO1777

Like in the real world, you also have to meet some basic needs before you can go further in the game. You have to consume products like food and wine, own clothings, and live in a house. This is to increase your wellness. Wellness is synonymous with strength in ANNO1777. The higher your wellness, the higher your income.

Your actions in ANNO1777 will have corresponding consequences. If you read magazine, eat food drink wine, or live in a house, your wellness can increase by up to 100%. It is the maximum capacity of a person in ANNO. However, if you work, attack slaves, go to war, or transfer by foot to other places, your wellness will also decrease. So wellness actually simulates the physical condition of a person. Good or bad physical condition affects productivity. So again, if your wellness is high, you will also get higher incomes from every action that you will do.

You already know that when you consume products your wellness will increase. However, you also have to be wise as to where you will spend your money to increase your wellness. To start off, you don't have any money in your account. You can start to work but it will take about 8 hours before you can do another action. The pay is not that high as well. So what do you do first?

How Can You Jumpstart Earning at ANNO1777

The very first thing that you really have to do is to attack slaves and sell them. You will immediately receive a notification about your income from attacking slaves. The bonus is low at the start because you wellness is not yet high. Save your earnings first. When you have enough, you can start renting houses or buying food and wine to increase your wellness. If you can, rent houses and buy food and wine that are rated 5-stars (5q). You can actually increase your wellness at 75% in about 2-3 weeks time max if you work everyday, fight at least 7 slaves a day, and consume 5q products. At 75% wellness, you can already get a decent earning.

As for selling your slaves, it is advisable to sell them immediately because they get lost easily when another player attacks them. You can sell slaves for gold. The lowest amount for 1 slave is .01. If your slaves are active and can bring you additional earnings, you can block them. However, if you don't have the money to block them, better sell them to the slave market. You can also look for slaves who are inactive but have properties, money, and shares. There is a red bar under their profile picture. Come 30 days or so, their accounts will be deleted and all their properties except the money, will go to his master. The money on the other hand will go to the government.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ANNO1777 Beginner's Top 5 Tips

I will not go into a detailed description of the game here. I will just start with some basic tips so that you could start off smoothly. 

1. FIGHT. You will start off with 10% wellness and 0 money. Wellness (synonymous with Strength in Anno1777) affects how much money you will get for every action (though this is not the only indicator. There are are also other indicators such as Economic Score, Productivity, and Military Score). 

The fastest way to get money is by fighting.  Click on the fight tab. It will bring you to another page with list of players to attack. Look at the defense and offense of the player. The first ones on the page usually have 0 attack and defense. So you can basically attack anyone. Regardless of anyone you attack, you will get an attack bonus based on your wellness. 

The fight takes 20 minutes. When you win, the government will give you an attack bonus. The amount will depend on your wellness and how much your government allocates for attack bonus. Simply multiply your attack bonus with your wellness % and you will get your total earnings.

2. WORK. Another way of earning money is by working. Work takes 8 hours. There is an amount set by the employer for each job. The highest paying job appears at the top of the list. Your earnings will be determined when you add your economic score (ES) and wellness (W) and divide them by 2 ([ES+W/2=P]x Wage) then multiply by wage/hr.

Go to Jobs Market and click on the work tab. You have to work for 5 straight days to get the work bonus. The work bonus will also depend on the total amount allocated by your government and your wellness . To get your total earnings for work bonus, multiply the work bonus amount with your wellness. The product will be your total earnings.

3. COMPLETE PROFILE. The government gives you a bonus for completing your profile. You can get one after every 24 hours. Again, the amount that you will get will depend on your wellness. So the higher you wellness, the higher your earnings.

4. SELL SLAVES. After every fight, your losing opponent becomes your slave. Slaves are bought using gold. The fastest way to sell them is to set a low price. There's a holding period before you can attack them again. 

5. SEARCH FOR ACTIVE SLAVES TO ATTACK. Your active slaves can be very useful as well. You can earn from them when they work and earn money. 

I will have more tips for the coming posts. For now enjoy the game. To go to the site, click HERE.  


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This is the Terms of Service of ANNO1777. The TOS is copied directly from the site and the TOS' copyright belongs to Anno's admin.This is a fan site and all post that will involve anything that Anno1777 owns will be duly credited and acknowledged.

Terms and Conditions

Interhouse Media SRL, registered in Romania, str. Aleea Campul cu Flori nr. 2A as ADMINISTRATOR, provides the online service ANNO1777, which can be accessed on webpage WWW.ANNO1777.COM

1.General data

1.1 The terms and conditions are applicable for all service users, including the users who contribute with video materials, information or other material and services on the website. This website may contain links to other websites, which are not under the ownership or the control of the ADMINISTRATOR. The ADMINISTRATOR does not have control and does not take any responsibility for the content, politics or practices of any website. By using the ANNO1777 service, you explicitly absolve the ADMINISTRATOR of any responsibility which might result after your use of another website. Therefore, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions for each website that you might visit when leaving our website.

1.2 The ADMINISTRATOR reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions each time he considers necessary. All users will be notified regarding the changes.

2. The ANNO1777 service

2.1 ANNO1777 is a website for adult persons who have turned the legal age of 18. The access of underage persons is strictly forbidden.

2.2 ANNO1777 is provided only to the users who have opened a customer account using the interface provided by the service. Its use becomes available from the moment when the ADMINISTARTOR has opened an account for the user.

2.3 The game’s features can be modified at any time by the ADMINISTRATOR and any time the ADMINISTRATOR thinks it’s necessary, without prior notice and without providing a specific reason.

2.4 Since the service is permanently modified and the game rules change, the user has the right to use ANNO1777 only in the current version.

2.5 The user does not have the right to ask the ADMINISTRATOR for changes of the ANNO1777 service or technical support.

2.6 The ADMINISTARTOR reserves the right to temporary or final suspend the ANNO1777 service without prior notice and without providing a specific reason. In this case the user CANNOT claim damages.

2.7 The ADMINISTRATOR does not take any responsibility for the general losses of bad functioning or interruption of the ANNO1777 service.

3. The user’s obligations

3.1.1 A user CANNOT hold more accounts within the service. Only one account per user is allowed. The violation of this condition will automatically result in all the accounts owned by the user. The identification of multiple accounts of one user is made by the ADMINISTRATOR through his own methods.

3.1.2 The user must ensure that the password chosen to log on the personal account is known only by him/her. The reveal of other persons’ password is forbidden. The user is the only one responsible for damages made in case of loss of password.

3.1.3 In ANNO1777 service, the ADMINISTRATOR places a communication way between users. The user is the only one responsible for the content he uses within the communication.

3.1.4 The user is authorized to use the ANNO1777 service only byway of a web-browser program. Any use of a script or another IT program to access the ANNO1777 service is strictly forbidden. The violation of this condition will automatically result in closing the use’s account.

3.1.5 The use of errors inside the ANNO1777 service for personal advantages of the user is forbidden. The user must notify the ADMINISTRATOR regarding any breakdown or error within the service.

3.1.6 The use of ANNO1777 service for commercial use is forbidden, it is allowed only for personal use.

3.1.7 The user does not have the right to copy or distribute any part of the ANNO1777 service without the written consent of the ADMINISTRATOR.

3.1.8 To access certain elements of the ANNO1777 service, the user must create an account. The user cannot use the account of another person. To create the account, the user must offer complete and factual information. The user is the sole responsible for the activity which takes place within the account and for the security of the password. You must immediately notify the ADMINISTRATOR in case the security of your account has been compromised or the account is accessed by a person who is unauthorized. Even if the ADMINISTRATOR is not responsible for the damages caused by the authorized use of the account, the user could be responsible for the damages caused to the service or to other users by the unauthorized use.

3.1.9 The user does not have the right to use any automatic system which accesses the website in a way that it sends more request messages to the ANNO1777 service in a period of time.

3.2 By talking to the ADMINISTRATOR, by written messages or forum, the user has the obligation of using a decent language, not meant to undermine the ADMINISTRATOR’S authority or to use strong language with the team which administrates the ANNO1777 service.

3.2.1The user admits that he does not consider the pornographic content as being offending, and in the community where he lives, the explicit sexual images or pornography are legal.
3.2.2 The user declares under his own responsibility that he has legally turned the age of 18.

4. The rights of the intellectual property

The content of the ANNO1777 service is offered to the user only with an informational purpose and for personal use, and cannot be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, exposed, sold, licensed with other purpose and without the prior written consent of the holder of the ownership rights. The ADMINISTRATOR reserves all rights for this website and for its content. The user agrees not to copy or distribute materials which are posted to third party, for commercial interest. Is the user downloads and prints a copy of the content for personal use, he must have all the copyrights or the approval of the owners of the content. The user also agrees not to affect or interfere in any way with the security elements of the website, with the elements which prevent or restrict the use, the copy of content or elements which attest the using limits of the website or its content.

5. Content posted by the user

5.1 The ANNO1777 service allows the user to post video clips, photos or other materials. It also allows webhosting, sharing and / or publishing the posted materials. It is understood that, no matter if the posted materials are published or not, the ADMINISTRATOR does not guarantee the confidentiality of the materials.

5.2 The user is the only one responsible for the materials that he posts and the consequence of posting or their publication. When the user posts materials, statements, he sustains and guarantees that:

5.2.1 He owns or has obtained the license, the rights, the consent or the approval to include, use and distribute materials on the website and on any media channel; at the same time, he authorizes the administrator to use all the patents, trademarks, copyrights or any other ownership rights, all these being incorporated or in relation to the posted materials, with the purpose of including, using under any form, processing and distributing materials on the website and on any media channels, according to the provisions of this Terms and conditions of use.

5.2.2 He has the written consent and / or the approval of each person identifiable in the materials posted on the website to appear on the website and on any media channels, in the conditions and limits provisioned in these terms and conditions of use, i.e. he has all the copyrights for the material that he posts.

5.2.3 By posting the material on the website, the user grants the ADMINISTRATOR a license (that is assigning the patrimonial copyrights, according to the applicable law) un-exclusively, with free title, irrevocable, unlimited in time and territory by which to send to the administrator all the copyrights for the posted material, including the use, processing, the transformation, the distribution, the rent, the lease, the public communication, the broadcasting by cable, promoting or redistributing certain parts of the material under any media format and byway of any media channel, as well as making the derivate materials.

5.3 The user agrees not to post materials which are protected by the copyrights, or other ownership rights of a third party, including the right to privacy and advertising, unless he is the owner of these materials or has the owner’s consent or of the full copyright law to post that material and to grant the license to the administrator.

5.4 The user agrees not to post elements which might damage the ANNO1777 service or to a third party.

5.5 The user agrees to mark as inadequate for persons less than 18 years the files considered inadequate to be viewed by underage persons.

5.6 The user agrees not to post advertising materials or commercial collaboration requests not requested or unauthorized by the administrator.

5.7 The user knows that during the use of the website he exposes himself to the materials posted from a variety of sources and that the administrator is not responsible for the accuracy, utility, safety of the materials of the level in which they comply with the ownership rights. Also, the user knows that he exposes himself to materials which can be offensive, not decent, repulsive and agrees to give up all the legal rights or compensations which he might claim from the owners / operators, affiliates and / or license holders with full immunity as allowed by the law regarding all legal aspects of the website use.

6. Warranty statement

6.1 The user agrees that by using the ANNO1777 service to take ALL THE RISKS. THE ADMINISTARTOR DOES NOT offer any warranties or representations regarding the accuracy or how complete the content of the ANNO1777 service is, or the content of other websites related to ANNO1777 and does not take any responsibility for:

6.1.1 Any errors, mistakes or lack of accuracy of content

6.1.2 Bodily harm or property damage, of any nature, resulted following the access of the user to ANNO1777 service.

6.1.3 Any unauthorized access or use of the ANNO1777 secured servers and / or any degradation / loss of financial / personal data stored in them.

6.1.4 Any interruption of stopping of the transmissions from or to the online service ANNO1777.

6.1.5 Any errors, viruses, Trojan horses or the types which can be sent to or through the ANNO1777 service by a third party and / or any errors or omissions in any content or for any loss or damage of any kind as a result of the use of any posted content, sent by email, or in any other way which is made available through the online service ANNO1777.

6.2 THE ADMINISTRATOR does not guarantee and does not take any responsibility for any product or service which is published or offered by a third party through the ANNO1777 service or any website with hyperlink or which appeared on any banner of other means of advertising, and the ADMINISTRATOR will not be part of any or in any other way responsible for monitoring the transactions between the user and any third party which offers products or services. Regarding the buying of any product or service, in any way, the user should use his better judgment and to exercise it carefully when appropriate.

7.The website is controlled and offered by the 
ADMINISTRATOR with the Republic of Seychelles facilities. The administrator does not assert that the ANNO1777 service is suitable or available for use in other locations. Those who access or use the ANNO1777 service from other jurisdictions, are responsible in terms of the local law. In case of breach of the warranties mentioned at point 6 above, the user will integrally compensate the administrator for any and for all actions, claims, requests, direct costs, fees, procedures and expenses, finally established by an order / decision of the court which is the responsibility of the administrator, which results in or relating to or supported due to the breach or the supposedly breached rights if the administrator uses any information or materials posted regarding these terms and conditions of use. 

8. Virtual currency

8.1 The user has the right to use virtual currencies of the service, “VIRTUAL EURO” and VIRTUAL GOLD, hereinafter referred to as virtual currencies. The only owner of the virtual currencies is the ADMINISTRATOR.

8.2 The currency VIRTUAL EURO is available for buying and distribution and is available for the user. By buying VIRTUAL EUROS or any other virtual goods, the user DOES NOT gain the ownership right for them, he only has a temporary right to use it. The owner of all virtual goods from the ANNO1777 service is the ADMINISTRATOR.

8.3 The user can ask to transform the currency VIRTUAL EURO available at a certain moment in time in his personal account in real money. The request is analyzed by the administrator who is the only one capable or approving or rejecting it.

8.4 The administrator reserves the right to reject any request coming from the user by which he wants to exchange the currency VIRTUAL EURO in money. The administrator is not obliged to provide a specific reason for this decision.

8.7 The administrator has the right to modify, withdraw, suspend or control the virtual currencies within the ANNO1777 service and the method of use anytime he wants to do so, and the user agreed that the administrator does not take any responsibility whatsoever for modifying, withdrawing, suspending or controlling the virtual currencies. In case a situation as above appears, the administrator is not obliged to notify the user or to provide explanations.

What is ANNO1777?

ANNO1777 is a browser-based game simulating economic, political, and military systems of the real world. In Anno1777, you can establish businesses, run the government, or create and build your own military empire. You are a 17th century citizen who can rise into the hierarchy with good strategy and sound judgment.  If you came to the game through a link then most definitely you will have a master that you have to pay every time do a job and earn. But at the same time, you can also own slaves who will pay you every time they earn. The best part about Anno is that any virtual money that you will earn through the game can be exchanged for real money.

There are basically ten aspects of the game that you have to study: Economy, Banking & Finance, The Press, War & Slave, Politics & Elections, Private Territories, Services, Advertising, Partnership Programs, and Social Networking. When you click on each of these categories, you will be transported to another page giving a detailed explanation about the more intricate aspects of the game. You should study them carefully because they will give you the proper instruction on the over-all workings of the game.

Since Anno1777 simulates a real world economy, you have to spend and consume products to make the economy work. The way you earn will greatly depend on your consumption of different products and services and how you save and invest your earnings. There are different indicators which affects your earning and spending power. The higher this indicators, the higher your capacity will be. 

Please watch out for more helpful tips from different Anno1777 players. We will be posting them soon here. For now, if you want to join, check the game, and know more about the mechanics of the game, go to ANNO1777 site.